Incline Rail

Incline Rail
Item No. HC-RH-004
Product Name Incline Rail
Product Spec. 770 (L) x 420 (W) x 600mm (H)
Package Size 800 (L) x 450(W) x250mm(H)
N.W. 20.5kgs
G.W. 23kgs
20’ Container QTY 322 sets
40’ Container QTY 644 sets
  • ‧ Incline Rail is designed for balance stability training of 
      upper limbs and trunk muscle groups, and its special patented rail track 
      allows smooth operation.  
    ‧ The Incline Rail not only has the function of repetition counting 
      and time keeping, but also has different weights from 1kg to 7kgs, 
    ​  and the minimum adjustable weight is 0.5kg.     
    ‧ Its light & easy-to-move design allows user to use it in various different settings.