Forward / Reverse Crunch

Forward / Reverse Crunch

Train Muscle Group – Erector Spinae Group

Item No. HC-BH-MA784
Product Name Forward / Reverse Crunch
Product Spec. 904(L)x854(W)x943mm(H)
N.W. 36.1KGS
G.W. 45.2KGS
40’ Container QTY 72 sets
  • ‧ Assist in training for muscle strength, health care, and body shaping
    ‧ Hydraulic cylinder provides 6 smoothly adjustable resistance levels designed to train oppsing muscle groups
    ‧ Streamline Shape & Ergonomic Design
    ‧ Circuit Training Applicable
    ‧ Train Muscle Group – Erector Spinae Group

  • Beginning Pose
    Keep your back straight in the  seated position.
    Cross your hands in front of chest.


    Ending Pose
    Extend your body backward as far as possible. Stop for 1 sec then back to the beginning pose.
    Keep your back straight on during movement.


    Activation of  Muscle Groups
    ‧ Erector spinae group