Abductor / Hip Adductor

Abductor / Hip Adductor

Train Muscle Group – Tensor Fasciate Latae, Gluteus Maximus, Adductor Magnus

Item No. HC-BH-MA769-NR4
Product Name Abductor / Hip Adductor
Product Spec. 1080(L)x1080(W)x1300mm(H)
N.W. 40.4KGS
G.W. 50.8KGS
40’ Container QTY 96 sets
  • ‧ Assist in training for muscle strength, health care, and body shaping
    ‧ Hydraulic cylinder provides 6 smoothly adjustable resistance levels designed to train oppsing muscle groups
    ‧ Streamline Shape & Ergonomic Design
    ‧ Circuit Training Applicable
    ‧ Train Muscle Group – Tensor Fasciate Latae, Gluteus Maximus, Adductor Magnus

  • Beginning Pose
    Keep your back straight in the  seated position.
    Put your calf in between the pads and grasp the handles.


    Ending Pose
    Bring your legs outward as far as you can. Stop for 1 sec, 
    and then bring them back together to the beginning pose.
    Keep your back close to the pad on whole movement,and take breath normally.


    Activation of  Muscle Groups​
    ‧ Tensor fasciate latae
    ‧ Adductor magnus
    ‧ Gluteus maximus