Safe Walker

Safe Walker
Item No. HC-TM-C9-16
Product Name Safe Walker
Country of Original Taiwan
Product Spec. HC-TM-C9-16: 215 x 90 x 168cm(H) 
N.W. HC-TM-C9-16: 200kgs
G.W. HC-TM-C9-16: 210kgs
20’ Container QTY HC-TM-C9-16: 24 sets 
40’ Container QTY HC-TM-C9-16: 52 sets
Item No. HC-TM-C9-25
Product Name Safe Walker
Country of Original Taiwan
Product Spec. HC-TM-C9-25: 215 x 90 x 250 cm (H)
N.W. HC-TM-C9-25: 233kgs
G.W. HC-TM-C9-25: 243kgs
20’ Container QTY HC-TM-C9-25: 21 sets
40’ Container QTY HC-TM-C9-25: 46 sets
Item No. HC-TM-C9-27
Product Name Safe Walker
Country of Original Taiwan
Product Spec. HC-TM-C9-27: 215 x 90 x 270cm(H)
N.W. HC-TM-C9-27: 235kgs
G.W. HC-TM-C9-27: 245kgs
20’ Container QTY HC-TM-C9-27: 21 sets
40’ Container QTY HC-TM-C9-27: 46 sets
  • HC-TM-C9-16


    1.Two emergency stop switch
    2. Low running speed (lowest : 0.2km/hr) 
    3. Incline/decline setting
    4. Large monitor is easy for reading 
    5. Anti slip border
    6. Large running area (56X152.5cm). 
    7. Loading weight capacity: 150kg.  
    8. CE approval.  



    1. Suspension system: prevent accidental falling and relieve 
        stress in the knees
    2. Two emergency stop switch
    3. Low running speed (lowest : 0.2km/hr) 
    4. Incline/decline setting
    5. Large monitor for easy reading 
    6. Air cylinder device can lift body weight up from 5kgs to 35kgs
    7. Anti slip border
    8. Large running area (56X152.5cm) 
    9. Suspension structure loading capacity: maxi 600kg  
    10. Loading user weight: 150kg.  
    11. CE approval.
    12. Includes 4 sizes of Vests ( S / M / L / XL )   

  • Specification 
    Voltage:  100V/110V/220V, 50~60 HZ.  
    Power HP:  AC 2.0 HP Cont.
    Speed range:  0.2~10km/hour.
    Computer display:  Incline, Program/ Distance, Pulse, Speed, Time, Calories. 
    Quick touch speed:  up/down 4km. 
    Quick touch incline:  up/down 4%.
    Programs:  Pre-set, 1 Manual, 3 Programs (Hill, Fatburn, Cardio).
    Build in receiver:  optional (Polar). 
    MP3 Capable(Speaker):  optional. 
    Incline range:  + 12%~ – 3%.  


    Operation Step
    Place safe key → Select mode → Press start


    • Read owner’s manual before operation.
    • Stop exercising while feeling uncomfortable.